A Story That I Used to Tell My Grandkids

Máté Zupkó

It was a cold autumn when all things started to change back in 2042. Technology started to take over nature, and everything was done by robots. All the people become lazy and neglectful of each other, so they started to lose their personalities and their humanity. Everything become gray and boring; all the days were the same, monotonous and constant.

There were many people opposed to the system, and I was one of them. This is the part where the story gets more exciting. We planned many meetings and assemblies; of course it was very risky, since it was against the law to go to these meetings. We wanted a regime change and wanted more people to stand on our side. We knew that more people were against the system, but they were scared about the chance that they would be arrested. You probably wonder what our problem with the system was. I think the answer is easy: I wanted my old regular life back when I could work with my own hands and make my own money. Or I really wanted to see real animals and nature again; they had become extinct because of the huge population and the expansion of technology.

Our goal was to beat the current goverment and try to return to our regular old world. We used the system’s biggest strength, the media and propaganda; we started to stream videos all around the world about the old days, and we told the people how good it had been and how terrible the current system and our life was. Time passed, and we realized that there were more and more rebellious and determined folk around the world. I forgot to mention that the world was led by a unified government, and they seemed to lose control. After a few years, in 2058, the president and his deputy resigned and got exiled. All the people were very happy seeing that the time of change had come. We destroyed all the robots and every other electrical gadget, because everyone had had enough of them. So we can say that we went back to prehistoric times.

Basically that is my story in a few sentences, and I guess I can say that I was part of a revolution that changed the world forever. By the way, my grandkids really enjoy listening to my story; every time they come visit, they want me to tell it again and again. Let me tell you a little secret: each time I add a little something extra to my story, something that never happened, but the kids never recognize it.