Going For It

Bettina Czékus


Amelia and Freddie’s living room


AMELIA:  (nearly crying) Alright, guys, I give up. I just won’t have a profession. Universities are for smart people. I don’t belong to them.

FREDDIE: Then what are you going to do? You don’t want to go to college and you don’t want to work. Mum and dad won’t let you spend all their money.

HARRY: Dude, why don’t you write a book? I mean if it’s good, you can earn lots of money and you’re done for the rest of your life.

AMELIA: (super excited with high hopes) You know what? That’s exactly what I’m going to do. (leaves room)

FREDDIE: Man, why did you tell her that? You know my sister. It’s going to be a failure.

HARRY: What if it’s not?

Two days later.

AMELIA: Hey Freddie! I finished my book! Would you like to read it?

FREDDIE: Sure. What is it about?

AMELIA: Well the story is kind of extraordinary. It’s about two giraffes who discuss the meaning of their life; however, I’m sure loads of people will relate to them and realize that their life is just as meaningless as a giraffe’s until they decide to bring the best out of it.

FREDDIE: Wow, sounds good! Let’s see…


The giraffe story

Elliot (giraffe)
Ralph (giraffe)

A savanna

ELLIOT: My dearest friend, Ralph! What is your biggest dream?

RALPH: (thinking) I would say not to be eaten by a lion. Alright, tell me, what’s wrong?

ELLIOT: I’ve been thinking a lot….

RALPH: Yeah, you do that several times a day.

ELLIOT: We do nothing. We live our days the same. It’s so monotonous. Why don’t we do something fun? What are we gonna tell our children? I’m such a boring giraffe. Like … you know I don’t differ from anyone. I’m not special. Then why do I live?

RALPH: (quietly) Oh! This idiot and his conceptions! But probably it’s true now. (turns to Elliot) Alright, what do you want to do about it, then?

ELLIOT: I want to travel and see the aurora borealis!

RALPH: You silly giraffe! It’s freezing there! That’s a stupid idea. I can’t believe you just said that. My mum was right when she said I shouldn’t make friends with you.

ELLIOT: So you’re not coming?

RALPH: What? Of course I’m not. You’re out of your mind.

ELLIOT: Goodbye then, mate! It was a pleasure knowing you.

RALPH: You’re going?


RALPH: (talking to himself) Someone has to take care of this idiot giraffe. I can’t let him go alone. (turns to Elliot) Wait. I’m going with you.


Back to the present


Amelia’s room

AMELIA: (takes the papers out of Freddie’s hands)

FREDDIE: Hey, I’m not finished yet!

AMELIA: You can read it after it’s published. I talked to a company and I have a consultation with them on Monday, but the manager seemed to like my idea.

FREDDIE: Wow, that’s great! Congratulations. So when it’s going to be published? I’d really like to know the ending.

AMELIA: I don’t know yet. It takes a pretty long time.

FREDDIE: Alright, tell me then. Do they see the aurora borealis?

AMELIA: (laughing) Who knows?