Comparing Notes

Vivien Fedor

Lisa and Tom, a young couple, went on a date on a Friday night. They watched a beautiful romantic comedy film. Both of them really like going to the cinema; they are real movie geeks. After watching the movie in the cinema, they sat down for a coffee to talk about it.

Lisa: Right at the beginning I really liked the intro music, and it got me into the mood.

Tom: The visuals were fantastic too. And what do you think about the characters?

Lisa: I think all of the characters were lovable, funny, and kind. But my favourite was definitely Jack. He had a really interesting accent and a beautiful voice. And I just think he had the best lines. And you?

Tom: I agree that all of them were well-written characters. Starting with their outfits, hair and makeup. And I also think that they found the right actors for the job. And what do you think about the film acting-wise?

Lisa: I found the acting delivery on spot. I could really feel the emotions through their voices. They are all very talented.

Tom: Indeed they are, especially for how young they are.

Lisa: And what did you think about the locations and set designs?

Tom: They were gorgeous, simple but beautiful. They chose the best places in Paris. They used nice colours for the set designs and just the right accessories for the characters. And what was music like?

Lisa: I think the music choices were also amazing. Some of them were quite emotional and moving. The one that even made me cry and became my favourite scene of all was the one when Jack wrote to Emily. The song was very pretty. He has a really beautiful singing voice as well. What was your favourite scene?

Tom: The proposal on the beach. The scenery was breathtaking … wait, the waiter  is coming to us, do you already know what you want to order, or do you need help?

Lise: No thanks! I will order the usual.

Waiter: Can i take your orders?

Lisa: Yes please, I’d like a caramel coffee with some sugar. And you, Tom?

Tom: I would like a hot chocolate with cinnamon.

Waiter: Unfortunately, we ran out of cinnamon.

Lisa: They ran out of cinnamon.

Tom: Ohh, it will be fine without it, thank you.

Waiter: OK! They will be ready in a couple of minutes.

Lisa: Thank you!

Tom: And how about the ending of the movie?

Lisa: The best ending ever. Beautiful wedding wows and the perfect song.

Tom: Yes, it was a beautiful ceremony indeed, it was so moving that both of them teared up like that.

Lisa: Oh, wish I could have seen the wedding dress, how was it?

Tom: Obviously gorgeous! I imagine just as much as the ending song, which I wish I could have heard!

Lisa: I think we put it together very well. Good thing you can see me and I can hear you!

Tom: Yeah, we make a good team, an unusual one, but a great one.