I Want to Be Important

Adél Mihályi

(First Folyosó Contest: First Place)

“You have to do it, because it’s important!” – But what if it isn’t? Yes, I need it in this hour, today, maybe even during this week or month, but does your forced knowledge affect my whole life? Does it help me to develop if I don’t think it could be useful? Will I do it with joy?

I could do anything else that I’m interested in instead of dealing with things I will forget right after they don’t need it anymore. For example… being myself. I haven’t done that for a while, I have been so busy completing tasks like mastering the level of expectations, getting bored while I had multiple things to do that I didn’t choose by myself. Still, I often chose just to lie on my bed and think about what I should do.

Or, in reality, what I shouldn’t, because in my own world, I don’t owe them, and they don’t own me.

…And then I’m in a hurry, beacuse I wasted my time with nothing, and I have to make everything right, like I’m alright with this.

“Okay,” I answer simply, with a little smile on my face, but inside raging full of thoughts that will never be spoken.

Maybe I just want too many reforms in one moment again.

But I can never forget the fact that instead of sticking to my guns, I still choose to do the unenjoyable-for-me tasks first, because they are important.

Everyone is just going their own way, but at some point, all the lines meet.

If schools kill artists, then forced priorities kill difference.

Why can’t I just be myself, just like others?