About the Contest

For the first Folyosó contest, which welcomed submissions in Hungarian as well as English, students were asked to respond in any written form, and in any way, to the following questions:

How do we determine what is important in life? What makes us change our mind about our priorities? Are priorities just a matter of personal preference, or do they have universal value? Whom do we affect with our decisions about what is and isn’t important? Who influences these decisions, and how?

There were so many strong entries, with such a range of approaches to these questions, that Diana Senechal decided to involve a jury. She, Judit Kéri, Marianna Jeneiné Fekete, Judit Kassainé Mrena, and Anikó Bánhegyesi read the finalist entries carefully and arrived at the following ranking:

First Place: Adél Mihályi
Second Place: Gergely Sülye, Erika Mária Szántó, Attila Marcell Kiss (each individually)
Third Place: Zsófia Szabina Gávris
Honorable Mention: Dániel Lipcsei, Heléna Laura Spinou, Gréta Tóth

We are delighted to present these pieces in the autumn issue of Folyosó! For information on the winter contest, go here.