Why Another Planet?

Derin Sakarya

Hello everybody. Today I want to tell you about a subject that interested me so much while I watched videos about it during this quarantine period. And I hope that the topic I will speak about today will interest you.

I was watching programs about SPACE, and I realized that the more you learn about other planets and the entire universe, the more you want to watch and learn.  Although we know a lot of information as a general culture, like “How many planets are there?” or “Earth is the third planet,” I realized that we have a very long way to go.

One thing that surprised me when I was watching is that we haven’t found a real planet that provides the right combinations for us to live on. For example, let’s say we were searching other planets for features “a,” “b,” and “c” that exist on Earth. I noticed that there are no planets that provide all of these features at the same time. Some planets have “a” feature but not “b” or “c”; or they have “b” feature but not “a” and “b.” Even in the best available circumstance, we don’t have all of these features. I know that I confused your mind with these letters, so now let’s look at scientific data. 

Let’s start by examining some planets. You can think that SATURN is a great planet to move to. But it is a completely wrong thought. There are always hurricanes there which are three times faster than the hurricanes we are used to seeing in the world. And the pressure is ten times stronger! So you can be sure that it can’t be the future home of humanity. Now let’s look at MARS, the place almost everyone thinks we can live on. Firstly there is almost no atmosphere! The atmosphere of MARS is one hundred times thinner than our atmosphere. So it is very difficult to land on, because the methods don’t work. Knowing that sixty percent of the landing attempts made so far have failed, do you understand how risky it is for a human to land? Secondly, water, humans’ main resource, is not there, at least not in any accessible way! Also we must take into account that we cannot breathe on any planet and we require air. Just think how very much we complain even about wearing a mask for a short time under these pandemic conditions. 

For those who want to learn more about all these planets in the universe, I recommend that they do some research like I did, to understand all life as much as possible and thus to dive into dreams in their own minds. Space is not what we know as a general culture. Unless people learn the truth about space and put aside fictional dreams, they will continue to think that there is a second chance to live and to use the world as a disposable material. In order to get rid of this idea, I think we must be informed in the light of correct information and thus come to understand the value of the world. There is no second Earth, so I ask: why don’t we recognize the value of what we have in our hands instead of looking for other places? We don’t need to search for another planet for now, but we must take the necessary precautions now to avoid such a search in the future. I hope these thoughts have also made you think. Thank you for your attention.