Simon Stoica-Bodor

Hi, my name is Simon, and I’m going to talk about the real source. You can feel it in success, in kindness, even in knowledge. People seek after love through games, at school, and from people. Everyone knows, if we don’t get love we won’t be happy. We all want to be esteemed, and I think we often lose the true purpose in front of our eyes. I am not saying that we shouldn’t be looking for recognition, but I think we can enjoy it when we get it.

I always desired recognition from my elder brother, or from my father. Sometimes from my friends I do too. It’s not a bad thing. However, if we want love, if we want something real, we won’t get it through social media. It shows people the fake side, in almost every situation. People act like they don’t care if you don’t hit the like/heart button, but actually they do.We all want recognition; this isn’t a problem. But if we run after feelings that don’t even last a long time, we deceive ourselves.

We know the proverb “haters gonna hate.” It just describes what we shouldn’t do. Hating on the net is like hanging unnecessary opinions on people’s back. Personally I am not affected by this problem, but we might solve our problems personally or in private.

If we really wish to do something other than playing on our phones, chatting all the time, or scrolling on our social pages, we must hang on for a second and decide what will help us out of this endless maze. It’s a perfect example of things which can easily steal your time. It has often happened that I was watching a series or playing games or just scrolling my for you page on TikTok, and then my time disappeared.

So guys, I know that it’s a lot easier to live with your phone and be a part of the giant brick wall as a brick, but if you care about my opinion, you should manage your time, and what is more important, be yourself. I am not thinking about the way you see yourself, I’m talking about your dreams. A lot of you guys love “retro” things. Just represent your opinion and live by it.

As far as I’m concerned, love is misunderstood. You have heard it a thousand times, but it’s not a cliché. Even if it is, they say every cliché is built on truth.