Unmasked Brilliance

Zalán Nagykovácsi

In a world where image is everything,
We put on masks to hide our true being,
A mask for work, a mask for play,
A mask for social media every day.

We’re told to be perfect, to always shine,
To have the perfect body, the perfect mind,
But it’s hard to keep up with this facade,
And we often end up feeling like frauds.

We wear the mask of confidence and power,
To hide the doubts behind which we cower,
The mask of success, of wealth and fame,
To fit into the societal game.

We wear the mask of happiness and joy,
To hide the pain that we try to avoid,
The mask of love, of friendship and care,
To show that we’re always ready to share.

But behind all these masks, we’re still just human,
 With flaws and fears inside us looming.
It’s time to take off these airless masks,
And enter the world of truth and risks.

For in being authentic, we find true peace,
And the joy that we’ve been trying to seize,
It’s time to embrace our true selves with love,
And be the light that shines from above.

So once and for all, let’s take off the masks,
Making our hiding part of the past.
We’ll thus inspire others to do the same,
And create a world where being real is no shame.