Straight Labyrinth

Zsófia Szabina Gávris

As I’m diving into my dream,
I reach the surface of its plinth.
I notice some kind of a scheme,
as that of a straight labyrinth.

I’m floating deeper and deeper,
fading into my mind’s light.
A gate overrun with a creeper
unfolds itself on my right.

I stood there and stared, 
while riveted to the earth,
being way too scared
to realize its possible worth.

Then it struck me,
right when I needed it the most.
I seemed to be
eager to know that ghost.

That labyrinth, the straightest of all,
was the reflection of my soul.
I could clearly hear myself squall
to remind me to see it as a whole.

It’s only now, when I understand
the complexity of the picture,
I seek after a helping hand
to explore what it might tincture.

I, as a straight labyrinth,
seek my answers in slow motion,
being simple, as a leaf of mint,
yet compound, as the endless ocean.