Stellar Thoughts

Gréta Tóth

Maybe the easiest way to describe who I truly am is through something that I can strongly identify with. If someone asked me to compare myself to only one specific thing in the entire world, I would say that I like to think of myself as a star. You are probably wondering which celebrity am I referring to particularly: Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston or maybe Emma Watson?

The truth is, they are nothing like the one I have in mind. My star is orbited by numerous planets and their moons. It is the centre of a solar system radiating heat to the surrounding bodies, but most importantly keeping the whole system in balance and constant flow.

Okay I admit that this might have sounded horribly bumptious, but I still did not get the chance to clarify the meaning of all the other fragments of this particular solar system. So please hang on for a minute before assuming that my only personality is that of  a self-absorbed teenager.

The planets orbiting me are all the things that are important to me. The closest ones receive the most heat, the most love from me and as one zooms out, the celestial bodies on the edge of my solar system experience lesser and lesser amounts of heat and light. The terrain might look lifeless on these planets, but they are still a part of the galaxy, a part of me. The closest particles travel around me with supersonic speed and I simply cannot get tired of them. Like a cat playing with a suspended ball, I keep tossing them around and around myself. The other planets keep a much relaxed pace during rotation. It does not mean that I disfavour them, they just seem a little bit negligible compared to the others.

The Mercury in my solar system is ‘Planet Family’ circled by its many moons representing my friends. This is the massivest planet orbiting the main star, but even though it sometimes shields the other planets from my rays, I will never let this planet wander away into grim space or switch to a further orbit. In case I run out of my nuclear fuel, I will use my last bit of strength to ensure that this planet finds a new home before I become a white dwarf.

Other planets in my solar system stand for my education, my hobbies, my health and well-being, my purpose in life and my dreams. These planets have an ever-changing order in the network. All of them are part of my priorities, and it would be hard to set a constant sequence for them. Most of ‘Planet Education’ and ‘Planet Life Purpose’ are still unknown to me, but I am hoping that in the near future, I will be able to discover more of them. ‘Planet Dreams’ has a very special place in my heart, since I have been adding bits and bits to it ever since I was born. At first, it was about the size of Pluto, but today it has grown rather similar to Saturn, with its rings made out of unspoken future fantasies. The one-of-a-kind celestial body is ‘Planet Leisure’ with all the possible colors of a rainbow. It has an indefinable number of moons due to the constant change in the interests of an average teenager. The most notable ones, which have been present for quite some time, symbolize my love for reading, gardening, listening to music, making blueprints and dancing.

The energy that I absorb from all these planets keeps me alive and shining. I would simply not be able to exist without any of them, because all together the sun, the planets, the moons, the comets, the asteroids and the space rocks make up a solar system that represents who I am. And losing just one tiny bit of rock would mean a serious loss in my personality.

Finally, I would like to thank you for accompanying me on this space tour. I hope that I was able to show you the diversity of this solar system. But for now, I wish you a safe flight back to your home planet, dear fellow astronaut.