Lídia Borbála Szabó

People have never been able to predict the future. They have always had wild guesses, but every expectation could be crushed by the next day. And it still feels different nowadays than it felt before.

About a year ago, Covid-19 started to form within our world. Before the virus, even if I wasn’t perfectly sure, I always had a clue of what my tomorrow would look like. I had an unbreakable timetable of my life. But after the pandemic, we weren’t sure about anything. We didn’t know when we were going to go back to school, when we would see our friends again, whether everything would be okay like they said it would be.

It still feels like everything is unknown. School could be opened up or closed down any day, quarantine could last a week or three months, people could get better or worse. We don’t know anything, just as we didn’t know anything before the pandemic, except that now this feeling has tightened in us.

I always hated change in my life. I love when things are the way I am used to, never changing. And personally, I feel even more uncomfortable than anyone else over not having stable facts that could lead us out of this mess.

Covid-19 brought a transformation into our lives that we didn’t expect; I don’t know if this uncertainty will ever go away and leave us for good. Maybe it will be gone in terms of the virus, but we will always find things questionable.