Two Lives

Helka Ondok

Amelia Smith was an eighteen-year-old girl who had the “perfect” life. She had a great family and social life, she was a good student, and she played the sport she loved. But underneath it all, she was not happy. All she wanted to do was to fall asleep and find her true happiness in her dreams.

She never thought that her depression could get this bad. She felt guilty, because even though she had everything, she still dreamt about not existing.

Carlos Hart was an old man. Life had always been cruel to him. He had never had a family or a constant job. He spent most of his days alone, or with some new people he had met that day. His life was like a maze, where he didn’t know whether the next day would be better or not, but after all of this, he still fell in love with life.

Even though they had completely different lives, when their time came, they walked through the same door, in the direction of the bright light which led them towards the unknown.