The Vanishing Wall

Bence Rimóczi

One day a man who wanted to explore the world went on a trip. On this excursion, he came across a small town divided by a huge wall. This wall would go back to the earth every two days and just disappear for a whole day. When the wall was up, people who lived around it would always fight and say bad things to each other from one side to the other.  Two days passed. No more fighting. Everyone lived peacefully. No one said insulting things to each other. After this, the man was very confused and didn’t want to visit the town anymore because he was afraid of the fights.

Sometimes, we don’t even realize that we also have a wall called the internet in our life. It has a lot of advantages, but we often cross the border by saying hurtful things to each other. In conclusion, we shouldn’t only be nice to people when “the wall disappears,” but also when online.