The Story of Gen E

Eszter Aletta Hevesi

By 3030, the distribution of territories was between the three big countries (Kinchao, Grenglin, and Bashua), and the “new” language Kreborgian (which appeared in 2089) was spoken all over the world, making negotiations between the new countries much easier. With the bigger territories, a bigger dissatisfaction took over the population. The Earth had already overcome an enormous environmental crisis in 2060, when the world was on the edge of destruction by poisonous gases in the air; wars were still present but could be considered civil wars, since the battling citizens were from previously battling countries under the old distribution system. The teens of Gen E got fed up with the present government, which also lied to the citizens, made the workers pay ridiculously high taxes, and polluted the environment with the waste and gases produced by their firms’ factories. 

To save themselves, their rights, and the world, they wrote their own reforms together on a global level. They didn’t want to vote for a presidential candidate because all they did in the past was make them disappointed and leave their wants out. After making their own council, the ETeens, they wrote their demands in Kreborgian and handed them to the Trinational Assembly.


  • We want world peace once and for all. The Earth’s territories are already distributed equally among the three countries; none of them should have more or less than they have now.
  • We want to have publicly observable negotiations between the countries and no secrets from the inhabitants.
  • The population wants the countries to work on the conquering of Venus and Jupiter.
  • The cars that don’t go on the air path should be banned from the roads because they disturb the cyclists and the walkers.
  • All the energy should be extracted from renewal sources with regard to the shortage of petroleum.
  • The Future Space Inhabitance University should be available for everybody, not just the residents of Kinchao.
  • The government should be replaced by senators of a younger age, and the new trinational president should be Gwen Yung.

Gwen Yung was the great-great-granddaughter of Natalia Yung, who started the reformation of the world’s territory system, school system, and transportational system. G. Yung was a promising leader who was supported by the vast majority of Generation E and many other adults from older generations. For the first time in history, the Trinational Congress of GBK accepted the demands of the ETeens and started to negotiate their points. A day after the first conference, the Trinational Congress of GBK announced an out-of-turn election for a new trinational president, hoping that the voters would elect Bron Dher the current trinational president. They didn’t have time for any campaign because of the swiftness of the election. By the end of the week, the voters elected Yung as the new trinational president. Yung, after discovering the financial situation, fulfilled all the demands of the ETeens by the end of the year.

The first demand was the watching of negotiations: the presence of the young senators made them more peaceful and efficient. She made the university available for the citizens of all three countries, and it helped the conquering of Venus and Jupiter. By electing young senators, the congress made useful and progressive decisions for the countries. All the residents were satisfied with the decisions, and this ended the wars. The question of renewable sources was a more difficult one: the population’s mindset was reduced to the importance of saving money, but shopping carefully, while not cheap, paid itself out in time. With the money that was in the pocket of the trination, Yung could increase the wage of every resident; with that, they could lay solar and moon panels, but from reliable producers and altogether conducive to increasing the health of the Earth.

By 3050, the Earth’s atmosphere healed up, the people on Earth lived together in the best health and peace ever, and they were about to launch two spacecrafts with 50-50 astronauts from Future Space Inhabitance University (mostly from Boshua and Grenglin) to Venus and Jupiter to begin their lives there.