The Maybe-Friend

Alexandra Klaudia Süveges

It was a lovely, hot summer day, and little Levi was sitting on the edge of the bed watching TV. He was getting bored and started focusing on other things. All of a sudden a little creature flew into the living room; it was small and fragile, funny-looking. Levi’s attention was immediately caught by the black-and-yellow-striped flying mini-creature. He couldn’t have known what it was; he had never seen such a tiny thing. It landed next to him on the coffee table in front of the TV. At this moment all of his focus was on it. He said “friend?” in a quiet and doubting voice. It walked onto his hands, and he held it. “Mom! Mom! Look I got a new friend!” his voice so cheerful and happy, he was a lonely child after all. As he ran, it started moving between his palms, he suddenly pressed them together tightly, and it happened. The creature stung him. He yelled out in such pain that his mother ran up to him quickly. “Sweetie, what happened?” she cried, worried. Levi was just holding his hand and crying. “I just saw this flying mini cute thing and… wanted to become his friend…then it bit me! Why did it do this? It hurts so much!” He was getting bandaged when his mother saw the bee land on the ground. “I am so sorry, it was just too shy to become your friend, sweetie.” – “She never told me how bees die after they lose their sting… I am just so sorry for that bee, I just wanted a friend, that’s all,” he said to me as I bandaged his sting. This is just the second time he has gotten stung by a bee in sixteen years.