Tall Tale

Gergely Sülye

I’m telling you! He pulled up in his Trevita, and at that exact moment every single car left the parking lot. Fearing for their lives, avoiding his gaze, surrendering from instinct. He parked closest to the entrance and, as if waiting for the right moment, just stayed in his mighty chrome-painted machine. Exactly at the moment when the clock hit midday, his doors opened — the sound of which, if heard by an unsuspecting passenger, would have caused an instantaneous cardiac arrest. Not like it was a hazard though, since every mortal had already left the scene in their primal fear. As one would suspect, next came an even bigger disaster. His shoes shone brighter than the Sun itself, even though they were just reflecting its rays. The first step resulted in a gentle thud, calming yet sudden. He lifted his body out of the seat and stood there, admiring the wind that was conveniently coming from behind him. The doors closed behind him as he started taking even more steps. Sounds coming in rapid succession, their powers growing more severe yet never stopping. The shoes, tapping, shifted their tone after they reached the pavement and arrived at the front door. Now, I know doors don’t have feelings, they don’t have instincts, but this one knew what was up. It opened the instant he walked up to it. Not even acknowledging this effort, he just casually walked through. The pressure suddenly started fading away outside, and a new fleet of cars started making their way to the lot.