In God We Trust

Koppány Munkácsi

This story takes place in the USA’s state of Florida. Jimmy was spending his summer vacation at his grandparents’ house. Sometimes he felt alone, he needed a friend. He loved animals, especially reptiles, not just because they are cold-blooded, but in his childish mind, they are very cool. After some serious days of begging, his ancestors finally took him to the local ZOO. He felt joy inside his chest. This was the time for him to shine and show off the knowledge he had from years of watching National Geographic. They did not even reach the Reptile Section before the grandparents were already amazed by the amount of new information they had heard, not just from the guide, but from one of their loved ones. Finally, the moment we all have been waiting for, and the reason why Jimmy prayed every night…

His true friends. The alligators were his favourites, he kept dreaming about petting one. He even drew drawings about their friendship, with the title “In God We Trust.” Overall this was an unforgettable memory for the family. They decided it was time to go home. On the way, they stopped at a beautiful park, where they spent some time. Jimmy had his luck with him; he saw an alligator. While the old people were busy chatting, he snuck away and tried to interact with the animal. Which luckily took it easy and did not hurt our main character. The relatives discovered what was happening and took the child to a safe place, where they all said the same thing, “In God We Trust.”

Jimmy said this because his dream and prayer became reality. The grandparents said it with a sigh because nothing cruel happened that day.

Happy End!