When Time Is Up

Sándor Tor

Old clock

In a house.

Old clock: Hey, what are you doing, sir?

Watch: My time.

Old clock: Your time??

Watch: Yes, my time. My time is up.

Old clock: What do you mean, it’s up?

Watch: Just look at me.

Old clock: Look at you … but what should I see?

Watch: You don’t see it?

Old clock: What?

Watch: Well, how I’m getting older.

Old clock: You’re getting older? This is the best joke I’ve ever heard.

Watch: What’s so funny about that?

Old clock: It’s just that you think you’re old.

Watch: I didn’t say I was old.

Old clock: But you said you’re getting older.

Watch: OK, that’s true, but what do you mean by that?

Old clock: That you’re not old. I, maybe, but you, I doubt it.

Watch: But….

Old clock: But what? You still haven’t answered my question.

Watch: What question?

Old clock: Well, where do you want to go?

Watch: Well, I don’t know exactly.

Old clock: So you just want to run away?

Watch: Yes, what’s wrong with that?

Old clock: Wake up already … You’re just a watch.

Watch: And you? You’re not even a watch..

Old clock: I know it hurts, but you can’t just run away.

Watch: And why can’t I do it?

Old clock: I thought we had already discussed this.

Watch: Then we going to die here?

Old clock: Not necessarily.

Watch: Look! If I ask you something, I expect a normal answer.

Old clock: I mean, maybe  one day we will get out of here.

Watch: And when is that day coming?

Old clock: I don’t know.

Watch: Then how can you be so confident that it will come?

Old clock: Well, that can’t be the end, am I right?

Watch: Yes, you’re right.

Old clock: I’m glad you finally understand and don’t want to….

Watch: Yes, you’re right, and this will not be the end.

The watch starts to run and jumps off the cabinet. The old clock watches it and is sad, but this watch isn’t the first who has jumped from there.