The Wordless Crime

Boglárka Trenovszki

King: Where have you been all this time, Albert?

Albert: I’m really sorry, your Highness, we were investigating the egg-crime.

King: Oh, I see, you caught that scoundrel. So you are the reason why I couldn’t eat scrambled eggs for breakfast yesterday! I hope you know you are in huge trouble, Mr. Egg-thief. I hope you have great excuses, so speak.


King: I said speak, I’m the king, so do what i say! Or else I have to use my methods….

Still no word.

King: I’m starting to lose my patience, do you know what happens to those who don’t obey my commands? I’m sure you wouldn’t like to experience it.


King: I see you are getting nervous. Wait a moment … You didn’t take a bow when you came in … This is one of the most disrespectful things you can do to a real king. Why aren’t you say anything?


You are too stupid even to speak? Or did somebody cut your tongue out because of your crimes?


ALBERT! This bad boy deserves the most exciting treatment in the castle. Take him to our biggest apartment, it’s known as jail, I’m sure you will have fun there.


And now go, you disrespectful, evil creature! I don’t want to see you anymore!

Albert grabs his neck and tries to bring him to the door.

Albert: Damn, this evil monster just tried to bite me!

Finally the guards force the criminal out.

King: I still can’t believe how living beings can steal my breakfast….

Albert: Me neither, but your Highness, don’t you think this procedure was too cruel for a dog? He will bark in jail all day!