The Weirdest Dreams

Zsófia Vona

Characters (turtles):

A playground.

CATO: I am so bored, let’s talk about something interesting. Now it’s your turn to choose a subject.

TINO: Okay, then let me think. What did you have for breakfast?

CATO: I said interesting. Do you know what that means?

TINO: Of course, I know, but I was inquisitive. If you always say that my questions do not makes sense, then why am I the one who has to pick a topic?

CATO: Because I thought you could say something meaningful this time.

TINO: Do not be rude, I can if I want.

CATO: Then show me.

TINO: So … for example, do you know what you want to be when you grow up?

CATO:  Finally, a thought-provoking question. And yeah, I know. I have always wanted to be an athlete. I think I will become a famous one in the future.

TINO: Seriously? An athlete? You? You are a turtle. What do you want to be, a sprinter? That is the biggest joke I have ever heard.

CATO: You can’t laugh at my dreams, in fact you should feel honoured because I told you this. I will show the world that a turtle can be fast too if it wants.

TINO: Of course, I will be curious about that

CATO: You are the one who asked about my dreams, I just answered.

TINO: But you are the one who said I had to ask something.

CATO: You can be really annoying sometimes, but if it is that funny, then let me hear about your dream job.

TINO: Well, to be honest, I want to be a hairdresser.

CATO: Oh, and you are the one who laughed at me. You can’t be a hairdresser, turtles don’t have hair. And anyways, an animal has never become a hairdresser.

TINO: That is true, and that is why it is cooler. I can be the first one ever. By the way, turtles can wear wigs, so my job makes sense.

CATO: And where do you want to learn the skills that you need?

TINO: I can show you. Come with me.

CATO: Why are we here? I do not think that a bakery is the best place to learn how to braid hair or anything like that.

TINO: How do you think they make the braided bread? They braid it. So, if I can make that, I can do it with hair too.

CATO: I do not think so, but maybe you are right.

TINO: Of course I am right. Do you want me to show you how am I going about it?

CATO: Show me … but hurry before I change my mind, and just to remind you, my dream job is still better than yours.

TINO: If you say so….