On the World

Aurelia Wiggins

Prejudice stands against the inexperienced minor,
Who got a major to mine for
Facts on the latest wars we died for.

Prejudice companies creep on the extinction
Of the working class’ weak men
With their labor force’s meek ends.

Politics thrive off the public eye
That thinks they climb,
To get tripped from behind that ripple in our economy.

History told truths in its rhymes,
Don’t get me wrong,
Until whitewashing lied,
and dried the strive for diverse literature.

Why can monopolies be moved through the centuries,
By ticking,
Fizzing coke bottles we let drown our envies?

Why does change need cravings?
Little bursts of dismay that we say will change things
About the illiterate.

You are a militia with no guns.
You put the children in the line of fire and say,
“Fetch me freedom,”
And they never knew where they lived,
Because you can’t eat money.

The Earth’s one beating heart,
But some don’t want to treat it,
Or fall under the pretense
Of breaks over the weekend.

The Earth’s one beating heart because somebody beat it,
And now no one can breathe unless they forfeit,
Fleet it.