Life with Priorities

Attila Marcell Kiss

(First Folyosó Contest: Second Place)

During our life, priorities and decisions over priorities are the things that can turn a homeless person into a millionaire, suffering into belief, anger into regret. What looks like a small decision for others, can be a life-changing moment for someone. Hard work can turn a childhood dream into reality one day, but priorities towards yourself can create a life for you.

Priorities are like humans. They change with you. Like let’s go back to our childhoods. Until age ten my only priority was to get anything I wanted and to always be the focal point in my family. When I became a teenager I thought about one thing and one thing only: I wanted to be remembered. To be remembered as a sport icon or to have something named after me or at least to be remembered for my name. I think that generally speaking this one priority is the most important for every youngster and teenager.

However, one thing can truly create a whole new perspective in everyone’s life: a child. I learned from my family that before becoming a parent the only priority you should have is to create a good path before your child is born. For every parent, a child is the peak of their life. After that, every adult’s only priority becomes to support their children until they grow up. And maybe they can reach the heights that you set for yourself as a child. And if your children support their children the way you supported them or maybe even better, that’s when you will feel that you did a great job as an adult.

This will come when you have grown old. And that’s when you will realise that all of your priorities have been achieved. You got everything from life, a loving family, friends, children etc. You will be remembered because of your loving family. And you will rest in peace because you created a life for your children. You saw him growing up and becoming a person you always wanted to be. In my opinion that’s what makes priorities in life important. To pass them on for the future and believe that others could achieve even better things than you.