Life Consists of Choices

Defne Lal Koçer

Sometimes life comes with many options. You suffocate in thoughts and you can’t pick one. Deeply you want to but you just can’t. There are some scenarios where I have observed people and myself trying to decide something important (maybe the chances of their lives).

You are between two possible life opportunity options;

1. You sit, think, then you suddenly realise what you actually want and you choose.

2. You sit, think, you can’t decide. You go and talk to your family, they convince you, you choose.

3. You sit, think, you can’t decide. You watch a film, the character suffers from the exact same situation as you. You like his/her choice, it influences you, and you do the same thing.

4.You sit, think, you can’t decide. You write everything down, it just makes everything more complicated and you can’t decide or you make the WRONG DECISION.

So, these are some of the scenarios that you can easily observe in people trying to make the decision of their lives. I want to ask you something: what is a WRONG DECISION? How can someone know if they have made the wrong or right decision?

The only way to figure this out is to EXPERIENCE it. Do you regret or are you happy with the decision? That is the way you understand it.

“But no more worries!” I would say if I were an advertiser.

With my invention, people won’t be worrying about regretting or being stressed.

How did this pop into my mind?

A couple weeks earlier, I learned that I had passed an exchange program exam. So I might go, but I can’t decide, so I would love to have this app.

It’s called “lifeconsistsofchoices.” You will upload it to your cell phone. So, how does it work?

Unfortunately the only thing which knows you better than you is your phone (unless you’re a wise person).

It keeps every single detail about you, your life, your passion, your animus, your social interactions, where you live…

This app will offer you two or more blanks into which you will write the options you can’t decide between.

Let me explain with an example:

Let’s say you passed an exchange program exam but you can’t decide whether you should go or not. So you write in the first blank: I GO

Second blank: I STAY

And then, the app does a miracle for you. On your screen, you see your future self doing the first and the second choice. First, you see yourself gone with the program, and you observe yourself. Later, you see yourself when you have stayed.

You can now see where you are happy as you always deserve to be!

The only condition for making this work is that you should have been using that phone for at least a month, as it will need to know you.

If you say “No” to regression and “Yes” to a stress-free, happy life, use the app for just two dollars per month!