In an Arm’s Reach

Gergely Sülye

What is the end-goal of being a human? To live a fulfilling life? To indulge in pleasure? To leave behind a legacy so great that it will be remembered for millennia? The common answer would be that it is all subjective, and our purpose is to find out what we want to do. But we believe there is a unified upper limit to what a person can accomplish in a lifetime, and this destiny is by nature something that every creature strives to achieve. Some may consider it forbidden or blasphemous, but in the end the arms race of humanity is to surpass, or even become, god itself.

Of course this is nearly impossible by conventional means, unless we move the goalpost and redefine what a god is. The ability to do anything, anywhere, and by any means would be enough to make an entity the supreme lifeform in the entire universe. And it just so happens that this doesn’t have to be our own plane of existence. After all, creating a new dimension from scratch is something that should be very well within the capabilities of a god. All of this is in an arm’s reach.

Introducing the means to become the god of your very own world inside the most high-tech commercially available supercomputers. The development of these machines has been completely perfected by artificial intelligence, to the point where even if we simulate a higher intelligence inside of these computers (which, by the way, the user can also do), it won’t be able to produce a higher-performing alternative. Thanks to the revolutionary customer-friendly user interface, anyone can create anything simply by thinking about it.

Want to simulate the real world? Well, not sure why anyone would want to do that, but it is possible! But if you happen to want to alter this copy of the real world to your liking, you can go right ahead!

Perhaps you want to simulate a completely different world of fantasy or an alternate history? It is all possible! Have real relationships, interact with real people, beings, animals, incomprehensible cosmic horrors, anything you can imagine!

And if you somehow run out of imagination, you can try out our marketplace with pre-made situations, worlds, characters, and all kinds of assets produced by our professional staff, updated with fresh content every weekday!

Other alternatives are available, but for full immersion it is required to have a full-interface brain implant to establish the best possible connection between the user and their world. Classes containing information about customer safety procedures are required by law to be taken before usage.

Innovating the future.