Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How frequently have these questions been asked?

A. So far, not frequently at all. In fact, these should be called “Infrequently Asked Questions,” but that is already a special feature in the philosophy journal Contrariwise. Moreover, it is possible that these questions have been asked frequently, just not out loud. So the heading should really be “Possibly Frequently Thought Questions,” but that seems a bit confusing.

Q. Who may submit work to Folyosó?

A. Any current student of the Varga Katalin Gimnázium in Szolnok. In addition, the editor may include occasional pieces by former students, and anyone at Varga may contribute to the gallery. The international contests are open to secondary school students around the world.

Q. What may I submit?

A. You are welcome to submit writing in English (in any genre) and art (of any kind), as long as it is original and unpublished. For the contest, you may submit in Hungarian or English. You will then receive a decision from the editor within a week. (Not every submitted piece will be published.) As for subject matter, it can be serious or silly, as long as you take it up in an interesting way. Please avoid graphic violence, explicit sexual content, rough language, and hostility. There are borderline cases; if in doubt, submit your work, and we will tell you whether we can publish it.

Q. What kinds of pieces are accepted?

A. Much depends on the editor’s judgement and on the balance of pieces so far. Also, while the piece does not have to be perfect at the time of submission, it should be finished. That is, any subsequent edits and revisions should be minor. In general, we are looking for pieces with some kind of spark: fresh language, unusual outlooks, an unexpected twist, sharp wit, or another quality or combination of qualities.

Q. Why can’t I submit work anonymously or under a pen name?

A. We do not consider pseudonymous or anonymous submissions. This is for three reasons. First, authors and artists in this journal should be willing to put their name to their work; this is a matter of both responsibility and pride. Second, this allows the journal to be taken seriously by others. Third, when you put your name to your work, you allow others to compliment it, comment on it, and ask questions about it.

Q. How do I submit work?

A. Follow the instructions on the Submissions page.

Q. What should I do if my piece is rejected?

A. Try again with a different piece. On occasion, the editor will consider a previously rejected piece if the author has changed it substantially.

Q. What happens if my piece is accepted?

A. The editor will send you suggested edits for your approval. Please review them carefully and let the editor know whether you accept them all or whether you would like to change anything. If it is art, the only thing the editor might request is a higher-quality scan, if applicable. Then, when the issue is published, your piece will appear in it, and you can share it with anyone in the world.

Q. Who is the audience for this journal?

A. You can expect that there will be many readers in Hungary and the U.S. Over time, we will expand the readership.

Q. Why is this journal only in English?

A. Beginning with the Autumn 2020 contest, Folyosó will gradually become bilingual (Hungarian and English). Each additional language requires additional editing, so we will limit it to these two. Except in rare cases, each piece will be published in one language or the other (not both). We hope to have a translation feature in the future.

Q. Will there be any Folyosó celebrations at Varga?

A. We hope so and look forward to the possibility!