What Do We Have Power Over?

Alexandra Klaudia Süveges

Those things that people have no power over are truly natural occurrences. Let’s take natural disasters, for example: people may be able to tell when and where they would happen, but we can never be sure. So many times they have taken us by surprise. As a result, lives were lost, proving that not anything can be fully predicted or prepared for. This applies to anything beyond or within the known universe; if the Sun were to suddenly blow up, humanity could not do a single thing to prevent it.

I think everybody can agree we did not expect this decade to start with a pandemic. Nobody predicted this. The same can be said about fighting against it. Every country tries to make the situation seem less bad than it is, but in reality, no one knows for sure when it will end. If we think about it, humanity does not even know about the future. How will technology develop: in a bad or good way? We can not even know what will happen to humanity itself in the next x years. I believe our bodies will change, as we evolved over a million years, developing useful body parts for the life we are used to now. If the future changes our living conditions drastically, we will surely develop more complex physiques and functions.

The last thing we have no power over is death itself. Nobody can tell what happens after we are buried underground. True, some people predicted their deaths, but none could tell what happened after that. As far as science goes, there is no way to live forever, no experiment has attained that result; it is just not possible and probably never will be.

Yes, we can develop technology enough to raise the prediction probability to 100%, but everyone knows deep inside how some things just can’t be controlled. One may win the main prize in the lottery in five minutes, while someone else may lose everything at the same time. Luck is one of the things we would never be able to control; it is so powerful, it could change anyone’s life.

It is scary how there are people in the world who think we have power over everything. Financial values often misrepresent someone’s true worth, but money can not buy true “power.”