At Least There Is Some Good News

Sándor Szakács

It was the day of my language exam, which I had been learning for a lot. So obviously I was excited and nervous. Still it was not a piece of cake to get out of bed; it never is.

Ten minutes later, I finally got up, went to the bathroom, washed my face, then got dressed. I went downstairs and made breakfast. My parents had already left, and my brother was at camp with the school.

After I finished my sandwiches, I packed the necessary things, like pens, a dictionary, etc. I walked out to the nearest bus station, where I waited for my bus to come.

It was half past twelve when I got to the language school. I still had thirty minutes until the beginning, so I just sat down on a bench.

I was already my way home, and even though I was tired, I still felt energetic, as I got 95 percent for the spoken part, which is absolutely magnificent. I could not wait to tell the good news to my parents.

When I got home my mom and dad were both in the living room.

– Heyy – I greeted them.

– Hello – they said desolately.

I didn’t know why they looked so worried; at first I thought I had done something wrong.

– What’s the matter? Is there something wrong? – I asked.

– Your mother was fired today – my dad said.

– What?! Why, or how?

– Doesn’t matter, okay guys? I will shortly find a new job and everything is going to be back to normal – my mom answered.

For a few minutes, we were all silent. Then my dad asked how the exam went.

– Oh, it wasn’t easy, but I still got 95 percent, so I passed.

– Congratulations! At least there is some good news.