Journey to the Moon

Zsombor Szegedi

The story takes places at Heathrow Airport in the summer of 2019. The story has two characters: a passenger and an airport  worker. The passenger’s name is Harry. The airport worker’s name is Thomas. Harry enters the airport and goes up to a ticket desk.

Harry: Good afternoon!

Thomas: Good afternoon! Can I help you?

Harry: Yes. I want to travel.

Thomas: Where do you want to go?

Harry: I want to go to the Moon.

Thomas: The Moon?

Harry: Yes. I want to go to the Moon.

Thomas: What do you want to do on the Moon?

Harry: I just want to journey to the Moon.

Thomas: Why don’t you travel to the Canary Islands?

Harry:  How is this better than the Moon?

Thomas: There are sandy beaches, hot sun, sea, palm trees in the Canary Islands, and you don’t have to wear a spacesuit.

Harry: This island isn’t too boring?

Thomas: No. The travel agency organizes many interesting programs. Anyway, there aren’t any people on the Moon; it is sure to be a boring place.

Harry: Not sure! I consider the Moon therefore exciting!

Thomas: Won’t you be frightened alone?

Harry: No, I won’t … So, is there a flight to the Moon?

Thomas: No, there isn’t any flight to the Moon.

Harry: Oh, no!!

Thomas: I’m sorry.

Harry: If there are any flights to the Moon in the future, please let me know first.

Thomas: I promise I will let you know first.

Harry: Thank you. Goodbye!

Thomas: Goodbye!