Three Dialogues

Erika Mária Szántó

(First Folyosó Contest: Second Place)

Dialogue 1
Venue: Kindergarten

Girl: “I have a mug of Elsa from Frozen, but I want the Beauty and the Beast one! It’s so much prettier! Mom said it’s disgusting, but I want it! I will still get it, no matter what she says! I will write a letter to Santa Claus! I need it!”

Boy: “Ha, that’s soooo childish. The Batman mug is so much cooler!”

Voice from distance: “Sweeties, here is the tasty pea pottage!”

Everyone: “Noooo!”

Dialogue 2
Venue: High school

Teen girl 1: “Yesterday I had to wait half an hour in the solarium! Ridiculous! I was nearly late to my hairdresser because of that. I nearly passed out from nervousness!”

Teen girl 2: “Oh, don’t even say it! I found some really cute shirts on Fashiondays, at a big discount! I was so happy. But when I finally got to actually ordering them, it was past midnight! All the sales! Gone!”

Dialogue 3
Venue: Park

Mom 1: “Ugh, finally I could sleep three hours continuously. I feel so refreshed.”

Mom 2: “I found a new baby supplement. My little one loves it, so finally the house isn’t loud any more from all the crying. There were moments when I thought I would go crazy.”