The Illusion Game of the Mind

Sarin Nevruz

Life is an illusion created by absolute reality. In our environment, there are many realities that we can’t deny. However, as human beings, even though we live under the same roof of physical reality, in fact every single person creates realities as he perceives them. Despite the fact we live in what we see, our real lives are our minds. Therefore, sometimes perceptions bend reality. Life is built in clear lines, but as long as the human mind exists, these realities change and develop. As a result, contradictions—or, in other words, “paradoxes”—occur.

Life is a jigsaw formed by opposite pieces. Imagine that you’re in a museum. This museum contains a white room, and let’s assume that there is an empty painting. And now imagine that each visitor adds a different piece. Such is society. No matter how white the room is, everybody adds some piece and starts to watch this jigsaw formed by a riot of colors. So while the room is representing our world, the produced big picture is the “created” reality. Although we all live in the same physical world, the thoughts and the ways of looking at things of every country, every culture and people of all ages are different; consequently the created realities vary as well. And this destroys the “one” truth created by our physical world, and our approach to things changes. We all are a whole yet very different. Each person wants to be free but in fact everybody is connected / tied together like a chain. Every decision we make, every step we take creates a breaking in this chain. Our minds are the ruler of our lives, even if they run counter to the realities of our life. We can achieve something that looks impossible, or make it impossible to do a very easy job. Moreover, only a small spark of thought is enough. Which is why, despite mankind being the most intelligent being, it seems that on the whole, each person’s ideas, perspectives, prejudices, or more precisely the “memorizations” that they create in the environment they live in, separate us from each other. Life turns into a pit of contradictions. We say that life is difficult, but in fact we are the ones making it so. While we are judging a person for thinking in an absurd way, we can worship another person for thinking otherwise. For a mentally stable person(!), reality might be when a bird flies; for a crazy one(!), it might be when a cat flies. Society excludes the one who thinks differently, thinking that he is disrupting the integrity and the harmony. But in fact he creates grouping, and separations start. Therefore it’s best to look at realities as possible things, through “the possibilities window”.

Meanwhile, speaking of cats, l guess you probably heard about Schröndinger’s cat. You know, this famous cat, the one that is simultaneously both alive and dead and in some sense represents the “paradox”. Well, did you ever think that you are the one who is Schröndinger’s cat? If you didn’t think, let’s think together from my perspective.

Unfortunately we all went through a hard process called Lockdown. In this process we were alone with our own selves for a long time and started to question our lives in a much deeper way. Maybe the hardest thing that could happen to a human was to stay with his thoughts. Because reality is constant, but the mind is complicated and bends reality. This period turned into a social experiment to make us understand better why our lives are a big “pit of contradictions.” We were always in the small box built by four walls. But, actually our mind was trapped in a small box since we weren’t interacting with the social environment. Hence, we have moved away from real life and started to dream very often and produce our “realities.” We created in our head a lot of probabilities, positive/ negative, for the future. After all, the interesting thing is that while these created dreams detached us from reality, in the meantime we started to question why we were alive, what our purpose was. That is, simultaneously we were detached from life but also were clinging to life. Because the fact that we dream a lot actually represents our craving for life. So, both hopeful and desperate, we were both cut off from life and also clinging to life. Now do you feel closer to Schrödinger’s cat?

As humans we want everything to be clear, but as our minds work, we can’t avoid the contradictions in our lives. The reason we exist is that we actually have the opposite of ourselves in us. Contradictions confuse us, yet they are the inevitable complex probabilities that keep us alive.