The Girl in the Window

Kitti Lili Tupi

Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to be outside,
what it feels like to be on the other side,
what it feels like to feel the wind which makes my hair go wild,
giving me goosebumps all around.

But why can’t I go?
There’s no person who could stop me from fooling around.
Holding little butterflies and running around,
while my hands touch the sky.

I may be chasing my dreams,
but i’m slowly drifting away from my own reality,
the urge to go outside is consuming me from the inside.
and still after all this time… I’m losing my mind.

Admiring the wind, even though i haven’t felt it in a while.
Being scared to step on the grass but still wondering what it feels like,
looking at the blue sky and the blinding lights,
being scared of the dark night but looking at the beautiful star sight.

It’s just a single dream… which feels like a threat,
wanting it so bad… but fearing it like death.