Bailey and Rosie

Sarolta Hanna Lestár

Today my brother and I visited our great-grandmother, Mary. She lives in a tiny town in Maine with our great-grandfather, Anthony. They live in a lighthouse, because Anthony worked there for ages. We are very happy that they live here, as we love the view of Maine’s beautiful oceanside.

When we entered the house I could smell the delicious lobster that my granny had cooked. This food is iconic in Maine; 98% of the USA’s lobster supply comes from there. While we were eating lunch I was very confused; Bailey (Mary’s dog) was sleeping with a cat. I thought that he hated cats. Whenever Bailey saw one, he tormented the cat with a big bark. I asked Granny Mary about it. She told me this story with a big smile on her face.

Two weeks ago, at the end of November, there was a little cat at the foot of the lighthouse, but Bailey always barked at her.

— Get out of here! Shoo!

— Please help me! I am so hungry, and I’m freezing!

— Go away! Or else I’m going to throw you out!

— OK! You don’t have to.

So it went like this day by day. But the little cat became thinner and thinner.

— No need to lament! Why don’t you get a mouse?

— I have been looking for a mouse in vain — said the little cat sadly. — They hid in their winter houses a long time ago.

Bailey roared at the little cat again.  He was not cold, because Granny Mary made a very fuzzy warm bed for him. One day Granny Mary fell when she tripped over a stone, and she was taken to hospital. Granny Mary entrusted Bailey to the neighbors. The neighbors didn’t let Bailey in the house. Bailey was freezing in an old doghouse. One night he had a dream of a puppy who was hungry and almost frozen. That time he realised it was him a few years ago, when Granny Mary found him carelessly near the lighthouse. He was ashamed of himself. He ran to the lighthouse and tried to find the kitten.

— Hey dude! Get up fast! Hey!!!!

He licked the kitten, carefully grabbed her with his mouth, and took her to the doghouse. He warmed her up, and they fell asleep. Bailey shared his food with this kitten. So when Granny Mary came home from the hospital, she was very happy to see that there was a new member of the family.

Now Bailey and Rosie are best friends!

The lessons to be drawn are that you should never forget the bad things that happened to you in the past, and you have to think of others, because any of us can find ourselves in need.