The Reflection

Ecem Göksenin Aday

He started running in a hurry as he left the store. It came to his mind eventually as if the whole universe were trying to remind him of it, but it had only just come to his mind. Suddenly, he stopped his legs and rendered them immobile, he was tired. Why was he running? he thought. When did he even get exhausted? He forgot again, the thoughts in his mind were always flying away like birds. If he could be fast enough, could he catch them? He gazed around. He still had no clue.

There it was! The record shop he had been seeking for days. One of this little kid’s obsessions was records. He got across the street. He walked in and started to look at the records. He remembered that it was the same store that he just left. He ignored it and went on observing them. Out of so many records his favorite one, Strangers in the Night—Frank Sinatra, caught his attention. It’s my lucky day, he thought and salivated over it. When he looked at his watch, it was 08:53. He remembered it again. The records stuck in his gizzard because he had to hurry to catch up. Once again, he got out of the store, he started to run and got across the street. Now, it was 08:55, he was definitely going to be late for class. Yes, he remembered it, the thing he was trying to catch was school. He loved going to school and learning, so he started to run with enthusiasm. However, on the street, the adults around him were staring at him like he was crazy. He would always be worried about growing up, because he believed that the adult’s world brought so much pressure and responsibilities. How sad these people are that they are so surprised at my joy, there is nothing more normal than a kid having fun, he thought. Speaking of fun, he saw a record store across the street. Immediately, he approached it. There was a window in front of the showcase in the record shop. A silhouette appeared there.

As soon as he saw the reflection in the glass he was terrified. An old man had set his eyes on him; it didn’t take long for this old man to realize that the reflection belonged to him. He couldn’t believe his eyes. There was no way it was him. As a child, it was impossible for him to have so many wrinkles. The contradiction of his mind and his appearance slammed into his face like those birds who are almost the same as his thoughts. When he faced all those memories and conceptions, he was much amazed. He lifted his head to see the soaring birds. He started to catch them, but unfortunately they were already gone. When he lowered his head, he saw the store that he had been seeking for days! He walked into the store…